Party Treatments

We all want to look our best for the party season, so here are our Top 5 Treatments to get you looking your best with no downtime!

1. Epidermal Levelling

Also known as dermal blading, this deep exfoliating treatment involves removing peach fuzz and dead skin cells with a surgical blade.

Your skin will look smooth, soft and radiant. Your foundation will look perfect and last longer. This is the perfect treatment to have 1-2 days prior to a special event to help you look your very best.

Teeth whitening

2. Teeth Whitening

Show off your beautiful smile with a teeth whitening treatment.

This relaxing treatment takes just over an hour and you will instantly see a result. We have peroxide and non-peroxide options activated under a LED lamp.

For the next 48 hours we ask you not to eat or drink anything that might re-stain your teeth, so best to have this treatment at least 3 days prior to a special event.

3. Lymphatic Enzyme Mask

Let’s face it, the party season is a time when we might overindulge. Alcohol, poor diet, lack of sleep and stress can all lead to a toxic build up in our lymphatic and cardiovascular systems.

Great skin health starts with a clear pathway for nutrients, proteins and hydration to reach our skin cells. Bacteria, inflammation and waste within the skin needs a clear pathway to drain.

This treatment will internally detoxify those systems and is great both before or after a big event.


4. Dermalux Light Therapy

Take 30 minutes out of your busy schedule to energise your skin cells.

LED Light Therapy is a relaxing treatment with zero downtime but incredible benefits to your skin and well being.

Choose from different light wave lengths to treat acne, ageing and other skin conditions like psoriasis and rosacea. Give your skin a rejuvenating energy boost, so every type of skin cell can function at it’s best.

Have a treatment on it’s own or combine with most other skin treatments.

5. Oxygen Therapy 

Feel like spoiling yourself with a wonderful pampering experience.

Oxygen therapy is a one hour hydration treatment that revitalises and hydrates.

We infuse a number of hydrating serums with pure oxygen and include an oxygen mask that revives dry and dull skin internally and externally.

Oxygen Therapy

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