Enzyme Therapy

Lymphatic Therapy (also known as Enzyme Therapy) is a holistic approach to skin health. Impurities trapped within a vascular system stop vital oxygen and nutrients from reaching our skin cells.

Lymphatic therapy is a detoxification process that leaves the skin feeling refreshed, restored and glowing.

  • Restores skin to it’s peak condition
  • Reduces breakouts and redness
  • Improves Tone and Texture
  • Strengthens and tightens
  • Improves dull and sun-damaged skin
  • Detoxifies at the skin from within
  • Calms reactive and sensitive skins
lymphatic therapy


Your circulatory system plays a vital part in skin health.

When blood circulates around our body it provides nutrients, water and oxygen to our skin cells and tissues.

With the use of a unique lymphatic drainage mask, developed in Australia, we apply transient pressure to flush toxins from your system and  creating a clean environment for cells to flourish.

The mask also infuses a host of botanical ingredients that work as anti-oxidants, promote collagen production, reduce inflammation, prevent acne and calm reactive skin types.

The Skin Studio is proud to be the first clinic in WA to offer Prinn Lymphatic Therapy.


Your therapist will cleanse and provide an initial exfoliation treatment. The mask is then applied to the face, neck and decolletage area.

As the mask hardens, the pressure creates a lymphatic drainage action to detoxify the skin system while a range of botanical’s hydrate, stimulate and exfoliate the epidermis.

The treatment takes approximately 65 minutes and is very comfortable, with no down-time post treatment.

The treatment can be combined with micro-dermabrasion, chemical peels, IPL rejuvenation and epidermal leveling.