For the treatment of acne, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, enlarged and blocked pores and superficial scarring.


Medical grade Chemical Peels are a deep chemical exfoliation, designed to assist all skin types and conditions. Your Dermal Therapist will determine which Peel and course of treatment is suitable to reach your optimal result. Each peel treatment is tailor-made to assist your concerns and requirements.
Peel Skin Concern

20% – 60%

An effective alternative to Glycolic Acid Peels, Lactobotanical Peels boast the highest therapeutic index of all alpha hydroxy acids. Reducing water loss and increasing hydration levels for a smoother, softer, less wrinkled looking epidermis. Perfect for dry, dull and lifeless skin concerns.
Age Defining Peel This peel is effective as it is decadent. Alpha & Beta hydroxy acids resurface skin to perfection by thoroughly removing layers of old discolored skin cells to reveal a fresher, smoother surface with renewed clarity and radiance whilst red wine and organic cacao extracts bath the cells at the deepest level with powerful skin saving antioxidants.
 Problem Skin Peel To fast-track your quest for pure, clear and healthy-looking skin, this peel removes excessive oiliness and clogged pores. A powerful combination of alpha and beta hydroxy acids with Beracare AAA deep-cleanse the pores of accumulated impurities and oils that can lead to congestion to detoxify and calm infections.
Complete Pigment Peel Rapidly clear away brown spots, hormonal marks, uneven skin tone and other skin discolorations. A break through clinical treatment with a remarkable skin whitening action of optically pure Vitamin C and Tyrostat.
Vitamin C Peel Recommended for those with sensitive skin, a light combination of Glycolic acid, Lactic acid and Vitamin C will refresh, renew and brighten skin tones.