How to Shrink Large Pores

Enlarged Pores

One of the most common questions we hear, is how to shrink large pores, a frustrating condition. Contrary to popular belief pores can’t open and close but they can stretch over time.

Pores play a vital role in our skin health and there are over 300,000 on our face alone.Pores are the home of our hair follicles and inside you will find our sebaceous glands.

These glands produce sebum which is vital to protect and lock moisture into the skin. Essential to skin health, sebum is made up of cholesterol, fatty acids, squalene and tryglycerides.

Pores are also the vessel to release the toxins and debris that the body no longer needs. However, this oily sebum can thicken, attract dead skin cells and debris which fills the pore. Blackheads are commonly a result of this sebum being burnt by sun exposure.

Ageing and aggressive products or treatments can further damage the walls of the pore.

Why do we get large pores?

There are two main reasons why pores become enlarged.

  1. They become blocked with dirt, salt, oil, dead skin cells and toxins which can lead to to black heads, infection and inflammation.
  2. Or the pore has been damaged through aggressive treatment, sun damage and the ageing process.

Sadly, some people are just more prone to large pores.

  • Oily Skins: Naturally have larger pores
  • Ageing: Collagen and Elastin production slows and pore walls lose their elasticity
  • Sun Damage: Breaks down Collagen and decreases pore strength
  • Genetics: Yes, blame your parents
  • Gender: Men tend to have thicker skin and larger pores
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Skin Needling

Treatment Options To Shrink Pores

There are a number of clinical treatment options to shrink large pores.

Our first option is to ensure the pores are clear, remove dead cell and kill any bacteria, which is best done with a chemical peel. 

Once the pores are clean, we need to stimulate the cell walls to shrink. Your therapist may recommend skin needling, lyphatic enzyme therapy, LED Light Therapy or a combination of  treatments to stimulate elastin production to snap those pores back into shape.

Skin Care to Reduce Large Pores

Keeping the skin clean and well hydrated is the key to reducing pore size.

We recommend the use of a mild cleanser and Vitamin A (Retinol) to gently clean and exfoliate to keep pores clean.

Vitamin B is always great to strengthen the skin, including pores and of course a good quality sunscreen that offers UVA & UVB protection is a must.

It’s important to use non-comedogenic and oil-free skin care products and makeup.


Ditch any harsh or toxic products and aggressive scrubs as these will only damage the skin and pores.

Likewise the use of pore strips can have a devastating effect.

Think of a pore as a hole in the ground. Although it may look like the pore has been cleansed, that hole will just fill up again, although this time the is further stretched.

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