Your Safety is our Priority

As the Corona virus (COVID-19) situation is evolving, we want all of our wonderful clients to know that we are staying informed and are following all precautions to keep our clients and staff safe.

You can be confident that our strict infection prevention protocols are at ALL times vigilant and extensive. Our hygiene  protocols surpass regulatory Australian Government Health Department guidelines and industry standards.

The risk of exposure to the virus in our clinic is extremely low to nil, as we practice “Universal Precaution.”

This means we sterilise all our instruments and disinfect all clinical areas in-between every client to ensure that all viral and bacterial cross contamination is not possible, not just for the current COVID-19, but for all communicable diseases.

Our staff are fully trained to do this to the highest “Hospital” standards.

For more information on our infection control protocols, read: Guidelines for Infection Control. This ensures the utmost safety for all our clients, staff and our families.

We encourage clients to stay informed by using reputable sources like the West Australian Department of Health or Australian Medical Association websites.

What specifically are we doing to protect our clients?

  1. We have completed the Covid-19 infection control certification.
  2. We have implemented a “by appointment only” system and made the difficult decision to lock our doors in between clients. (Please call to let us know you have arrived)
  3. We are enforcing the 4m rule to our reception area.
  4. Only two clients will be treated at any one time, with a 15 minute gap between appointments.
  5. We have extended our disinfection of all surfaces of our treatment rooms to include doors, door handles and guest chairs etc, between each client.
  6. We have extended our disinfection to the reception, waiting area, pin pads and other front house service areas, between each client.
  7. We have removed all communal beverages, magazines and testers from our reception area.
  8. We will ask when you arrive to your appointment to use a hand sanitiser and may ask for a temperature reading, please do not be offended.
  9. If you are feeling unwell, please call the clinic to cancel your appointment. To support you in this decision we have decided to waive 24-hour cancellation fees.
  10. Clients who have any cold or flu like symptoms are required to delay their appointments until they have fully recovered.
  11. Clients who have been in close contact with anyone who has had confirmed Coronavirus (COVID-19) or who has been in a health facility treating them are urged to delay their appointments for at least 2 weeks after the potential exposure. This is also applicable to all staff members.
  12. If you have been overseas recently or been in contact with someone who has, please delay your appointments for at least 14 days from the arrival to Australia.

What can you do to help limit the spread of Corona Virus.

  • Hand Hygiene. The single most important protection is to make sure that you are washing your hands before touching food or your face.
  • Don’t touch your face. This limits the virus from entering your mouth and eyes
  • If you do cough or sneeze, make sure that it is into a disposable tissue.
  • If you are unwell, stay home and recover

Thank you for your support, we look forward to seeing you soon.