The Skin Studio is renowned for it’s IPL service, prices and results. We have highly trained and certified therapists and use the most advanced IPL hair removal technology. The Skin Studio offers clients an option of the traditional IPL treatment and an SHR treatment which is faster and more effective.

How Does IPL Hair Removal Work?

IPL works by focusing light energy through the skin to the base of the hair follicle. The light is absorbed by the pigment in each follicle, and this causes the hair follicles to be progressively damaged so that the hair can no longer grow. IPL hair reduction treatments are a safe, easy, painless and quick solution to unwanted hair.

Cutting Edge Technology

The Skin Studio uses the world’s leading medical grade technology. We offer SHR & IPL hair removal solutions for all skin types including fair, olives and dark skin types. Our treatment uses an advanced cooling system to cool the glass head piece. This unique cooling allows us to use high energy without damaging the skin, making it extremely safe and effective.

How many IPL hair removal treatments will I need?

Usually a course of 6-10 treatments is required to achieve an optimal result, but once you have completed your treatment cycle, you can look forward to a lifetime of smooth skin with only the occasional maintenance treatment. Compare that to the cost and hassle of a lifetime of waxing. It is also important to know that results can vary depending on the areas being treated and can be influenced by sex, age and hormones.

Your IPL Hair Removal Consultation

At The Skin Studio we conduct a FREE consultation with every client before the treatment. This will enable our therapist to assess the area you would like treated and to fully explain the hair removal process.

How to Prepare for your IPL Hair Removal Treatment

You will need to shave the area you wanted treated the day before you come in. This will assist making the treatment less painful and more effective. You must not have any sun, solarium or fake tan on the area 2 weeks before your treatment. If you are in the sun within the 2 weeks before your treatment, superficial burning or pigmentation may occur.

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SHR Hair Removal
“I have recently found the Skin Studio. The salon is spotlessly clean.
Jeanine is friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I have had 3 SHR sessions on full leg with incredible results. The procedure was painless and quick. Thank you Jeanine so very much. I will be back.”
Jenny W (59)


Treatment Price Package of 6
Under Arm $29.00 $145.00
Extended Bikini $59.00 $295.00
Brazillian $69.00 $345.00
Lip & Chin $39.00 $195.00
Full Face $69.00 $345.00
Half Leg $99.00 $495.00
Full Leg $169.00 $845.00
Half Arm $89.00 $445.00
UArm & Brazillian $79.00 $395.00
UArm & Brazillian & Full Leg $199.00 $995.00
Treatment Price Package of 6
Half Back $89.00 $445.00
Full Back $109.00 $545.00
Back & Shoulder $169.00 $845.00
Chest $89.00 $445.00
Abdomen $89.00 $445.00
Buttocks $95.00 $475.00
Sides of Back $79.00 $395.00
Chest & Abdomen $109.00 $545.00
Hands & Fingers $25.00 $125.00
Feet & Toes $25.00 $125.00