Your face is as unique as you are so it makes sense to seek a highly qualified and experienced professional for your cosmetic injections. The Skin Studio offers wrinkle relaxers, dermal fillers, lip augmentation, cheek enhancement and facial volume restoration.

At The Skin Studio you will see Dr Tessa Kaminski for your injectable procedures. There is much public confusion over product bands and price per unit of cosmetic injections. Our goal is to achieve the best possible result at an affordable price. Results are highly dependent on the knowledge and technical expertise of the person performing the procedure.

We pride ourselves as a “result – driven” cosmetic clinic that provides a premium service.

Dr Tessa offers a complimentary consultation to all our clients, so individual treatment regimens can be determined.

Dr Tessa is a Cosmetic Physician and highly experienced in all areas of Aesthetic Medicine. “My practice of cosmetic medicine aims to enhance the natural beauty of each individual. Bringing out the best features of each unique face is a fine art mastered over many years and something which I thoroughly enjoy. I have a keen eye for the human form through my medical training as well a studying all forms of dance from a young age. I have been lucky enough to integrate these two fields to practice artistic, skillful and ethical Cosmetic Medicine.”

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Cosmetic Injections


Due to the repetitive use of muscles under the skin, we all develop facial lines and wrinkles over time. These lines typically appear in the frown region, around the eyes and across the forehead, contributing to a tired or aged appearance.

Relaxation of these dynamic facial muscles with anti-wrinkle injections creates a refreshed, less-tired looking appearance. Diminish lines within a matter of days and prevent wrinkles deepening over time.

A small dose is injected in the specific frown muscles causing lines and wrinkles. Once the muscles are relaxed, the overlying wrinkles in the frown soften or reduce. The treatment takes around 10-15 minutes and is minimally invasive.


  • Frown Lines (vertical lines between the brows)
  • Crows Feet Lines (around the outside of the eyes)
  • Horizontal Forehead lines
  • Creation of Eyebrow lift
  • Upper Lip Lines
  • Down-turned Mouth Corners


These treatments are used to revolutionise areas of the face that have lost volume with age or to change the shape of the face.

Restore fullness, symmetry and balance to your lips instantly. Filler is injected into the lips to subtly enhance volume and definition and fill out lines and wrinkles around the lips. Treatments last 5 – 12 months and results evident immediately.


  • Lip Enhancement
  • Cheek bone Enhancement
  • Nasolabial Folds
  • Fine Lines
  • Scar Tissue