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I have been to L.A.Skin Clinic to see Lisa Anne the Cosmetics Tattoo Specialist and she is what I have read about her AND MORE! I was so so worried about getting my eyebrows tattooed but I just thought if they were done nice it would be so much easier, WELL!! She is very busy so I took this as a good sign and I have heard that she was very good but was still afraid, I went through with my appointment and I just can’t believe how much Eyebrows have changed my life, AND they look like real hair! All I could say was…. I cant Believe It! I was so happy with the my experience and I felt so comfortable, I eventually had my eyeliners done soft and natural and I would never had though I would do this and they to are just perfect. What I loved the most is the explanations and all the information I was given as well as a followup visit, which by this time I was so comfortable in what I wanted to achieve and she was just amazing! thank you Lisa, all my friends are now trying to get in with here. She also is a supporter of a few charities, donating her time to Breast Cancer and Burns Victims, Like Dana Vulin, whom I had the opportunity to meet on day in the studio, what a special and amazing Woman, as Lisa has been helping here with her recovery, keep up your work!! it is making many happy XX

Anne Wyatt May 12, 2017